Montville Township Police Explorer Post 805
About Us

What We Do

As a Montville Township Police Explorer you will provide assistance to law enforcement personnel and perform community service. You will receive training in different police functions. This knowledge will be valuable if you decide to actually become involved in law enforcement.

You will be able to see first hand what it is like to be in law enforcement and see what is available in local, state, and federal law enforcement fields. Explorers have an opportunity to meet different law enforcement personnel from different levels. They are introduced to the F.B.I, U.S. Marshal's Service, D.E.A, tactical units, and State police.

Every two years the Explorers compete in National Competitions against Explorer Posts from around the United States in different team and individual competitions. There are also many different seminars to attend relating to policing.

In the non-conference year, the Explorers attend the Morris County Police Academy. This is a week-long event tailored after what actual police cadets go through. Here, each Explorer will receive training in different subjects relating to law enforcement and have a chance to take part in physical training. This is an experience that will help you decide if you to become a law enforcement officer.

   Crime Prevention               First Aid & CPR

   Firearms Safety             Radio Operations

Accident Investigation     Traffic Direction

   Bomb Threat Response     Court System

   Burglary in Progress          Arson Investigation

   Community Service

·        Fourth of July Parade/Celebration

·        Montville Day Celebration

·        Adopt-A-Road Program

·        D.A.R.E. Program

·        Boy/Girl Scout Fingerprinting

·        Valley View Fun Fair

·        Towaco Art & Jazz Festival

·        MTHS Band Competition

·        MTHS Football Program

·        Montville Township Court System

·        Community Holiday Lighting

·        Relay for Life


    • Have Full Parental Approval
    • Be 14-21 Years of Age
    • U.S. Citizen
    • Maintain “C” Average
    • Be able to attend 2 meetings a month
    • Complete 6 month probationary period
    • A neat clean appearance
    • No criminal record
    • Remain Drug and Alcohol Free
   Explorer Uniform

·        Grey Polo Shirt

·        Black BDUs

·        Boots

·        Basket-Weave Belt

·        Explorer Hat

·        3 D-Cell Flashlight

·        Flashlight Holder

·        Notebook*

·        Notepad

·        Pen

*Only for Meetings